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Does FC Barcelona really want Cesc?

"Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas"As another year of the Fabregas saga goes on I’m beginning to wonder if Barca really want to buy the midfielder. In previous transfer windows Arsenal made it clear that they would not sell their captain for any sort of money after spending 8 years in developing the player. However, it seems obvious that during this transfer window things have changed and they are willing to do business as soon as Barca offer them a reasonable money (£40 million seems to be the value in the current market). The Catalans made only one approach so far of £26million, which is laughable considering the ‘almighty’ Phil Jagielka and Gary Cahill are apparently worth £18 million each and Alexis Sanchez (a player with one good season in Serie A behind him) was just bought for a fee that could rise up to £33 million.

There is logic to this however. Barca know that if they bought Fab now he would only be a substitute just like he is in the national team, where he loses out to Xavi and Iniesta. Considering Xavi is 30 it seems perfect for Barca to let Fabregas play for Arsenal at least another year or two when his contract will run down (4 years left) and buy him much cheaper. The constant interest coming from the Spanish giants is only supposed to disrupt the player and his relationship with the London club, which will also help to lower the price in the future, when he will be able to succeed Xavi. This hardly seems fair, but dirty games are part of football now and we just have to get used to them. The days when a player could play for one club and be loyal all his life are long gone (Gerrard one of the few exceptions).

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  1. ross says:

    i hear that Arsenal are now holding out for Thiago + cash. This could be a good deal as then at least Arsenal would have a half decent replacement lined up straight away.

    Do you think Nasri will leave also???

    • admin says:

      If they got Thiago that would be an ideal replacement but i don’t think Barca would even consider this. The player has massive potential which he proved in the U-21 Chapionships.

      I think Nasri has to stay after all that’s been said by Wenger and Peter Hill-Wood (Arsenal chairman).

      Wenger said: “Will he be at the club this season? I say yes. Will he sign a new contract? I hope yes but I’m not the only one to decide that”.

      Hill-Wood said: “It is possible we could lose the player on a free transfer but we are prepared to take that risk.”

      The reason behind this is Arsenal can’t risk loosing a Champions League place and Nasri might just make that difference. With the salaries they are willing to pay to top players (much less than any of the top clubs in Europe), Champions league football is a big factor in being able to buy quality footballers. One season without it and they could slowly become a mid-table team.